Hand Made Bourbon Barrel Gifts

Hand Made Bourbon Barrel Gifts

Hand Made Bourbon Barrel Gifts Hand Made Bourbon Barrel Gifts Hand Made Bourbon Barrel Gifts

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About Us

Rick "HutcH" Hutchings scrimshaw artist and craftsman

I have been making custom cigar cutters, pens and jewelry for 19 years and scrimshaw artwork for 24. I'm introducing handmade bourbon barrel wood stave gifts to the bourbon and cigar community. For some distilleries I will make products only from their barrel staves. An individual may request a brand barrel stave and I will make from that brand if available.

My scrimshaw artwork has been used in all 3 EXPENDABLES movies and I have made custom cigar cutters for the cigar industry for the past 19 years. Because each is handmade they will never be exactly alike, so each will be special with the grain and glow of the reclaimed bourbon barrel stave.

Bourbon Barrel Stave Choice

For Bourbon lover a gift made from the barrel stave of their favorite bourbon would be treasured. I can specialize the gifts with the barrel stave of their selection.

Handmade Quality Gift Items

All items are fitted with hand shaped barrel stave wood. Only the best items are used to make the gifts. Xikar cutter bodies, high grade steel for the knives and the best pen mechanisms.


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